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Vacation in Uluwatu, Bali

LOOK AT ME! Don't look at the couple behind!

a rest is a preparatory step for a longer journey ahead

I like kids. And they like me too!

They are the reason who am I today.

A sweet escape to Langkawi. Yes I do travel a lot.

I glad to have them in my life!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Penang trip 1/3

WOohoO~ Last year sem break I went to Redang Island and Malacca with my coursemates, this year >>> Penang!!! there are 10 person going this trip with 2 cars. this is 4 days 3 night trip and our mission is eat all the nice food in Penang. XD. Before that, having our lunch in Ipoh.

This shop quite famous in Ipoh.

Tauge ayam, but I not really like the chicken because not that nice also
and not cheap too, dunno why so many people come here and eat. =.='

All of us enjoying the lunch.
After lunch break, Continue our journey to Penang island.
woo... Finally can see George Town sign board there.

Penang Bridge
time: 4.30pm

finally reached jetty and unload our luggages.

On the way to star cruise

View from the cruise

Inside the cabin
me and Alex

coursemates (from left to right): Eng cheng, Kingston, Gary choong, Dylan Eng,Alex Wong and me

it's me

Inside the Cruise: Phoenix room, Video arcade, Mahjong room, Casino,
Pub, cinema, massage room...

Mahjong room

Group photo (left to right) : Alex, dylan, eng cheng, gary, me and kingston.
(front left to right): Irene, Selina, joyce and shin

time for photo shooting, dylan and me

cute girl Irene and me,

joyce and me.
she looks like twins ( ah sa), dun you think so? lolx

Joyce's sister, Selina

And Dylan's girl friend, Shin. She forced me to act cute. =.=''

Swimming pool

a cafe in the cruise

2 buffet dinner and breakfast in the cruise. But the food so so only.

Lastly, Surprise to our Super model, Dylan Eng !!
Happy birthday to you~

Last activity in day 1, playing big 2 before bed time.
This is part of the photos for day 1. kindly go to my facebook and check for more photos.

Part 1 done, will continue part 2( day 2) very soon.
Day 2 Preview: Trip to Kek Lok Si Temple,
mission starts: eat eat eat

My Sweetheart Smells Like FRESH

Hmm.. What's my sweetheart smells like? Intensive, Control, Sensitive, Fresh, Pure or Pro-clear??? Actually I wish my sweetheart smells like Fresh because there is blue color(my favourite color) packing for fresh?? (of course no la. )

The reason is, my sweetheart has super duper good Perspiration system, she get easily to sweat even walked for very short distance, sweating while eating. She always used 1 pack of tissue wipe off her sweat and has body odour. But now, Adidas action 3 has products for men and women which including Intensive, Control, Sensitive, Fresh, Pure or Pro-clear which can solve my sweetheart problem efficiently.

The "fresh" is suit for my sweetheart because it is fresh anti-perspirant spray for those has super duper good Perspiration system just like my sweetheart. Besides, it also has cooling protection against perspiration, they will feel so fresh and energetic even after sweating. It also has a function of an Anti- whitening which suitable for all because it has 0% Alcohol content in this product.

With this product, they no need worry about body odour from their body after sweating. And now, My sweetheart has no worry about perspiration problem and enjoy her day without body odour. And I can stay close with my sweetheart after exercise or jogging.(*sweet*)
So go and grab it now and try the different~ ( Never try, never know the different)

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Did you guys watch Project Alpha season 2 Ep 40 t0 Ep 42? If not, watch it now and see how the featured bloggers say about the Adidas Action 3 .

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

Attention to people who planning or on diet!!!!
This blog entry is about the Hottest food in the city, As my advice, you should skip this entry.
If not....
You will giving up your Diet plan!!! wahaha

One day, I felt like eating seafood especially fish so I went to carrefour to get some fishing accessories for fishing purpose,
So the first thing was icebox.

After that, I have to plan where's the ideal place for fishing, Klang??lolx.. sorry, i'm not from KL.

But I dont think fishing is a safe activity, somehow I will meet shark when I'm fishing?? just like this??( picture below)

Hmm... Seem like fishing is not a good idea, so I gave up.
Here comes to second plan: buy a fish from Hypermarket and cook the fish myself. it's looked like more safety.

So, I was looking for fish with those malay aunties.

The staff was looking at me, maybe they were thinking that,
(see picture below)

But after home, here came with the problem,

After 30 minutes, I totally gave up because I was so hungry that time.

So plan 2 cancelled. what's next plan???
I was thinking...thinking..

Ding~~ I got an idea
Fish King Pizza from Pizza Hut

and then headed to the nearest Pizza Hut to grab 1 set of Fish King Pizza

There are 8 fish fingers made from specially-imported Alaskan Pollock, crabsticks, Mozzarella cheese, roasted capsicum, yellow onion and juicy pineapples, all on a cool lime mayo sauce. Feel hungry after reading this??

Here I come, Pizza Hut

Looked at the menu

I was looking the Fish King Pizza like this!!

a set of Fish King Pizza for regular which recommended for 2 person which enough for me and alex. ( 2 cups of pepsi, 4 cheese sticks, regular size of the pizza and 2 bowl of mushroom soup)

Drinking while waiting pizza to be served

huh... I like the drink because...

wanna try??

yummy.. so delicious

mushroom soup + cheese stick= owesome!!!

Alex was enjoying his pizza too

half for you, another half for me.lolx

3 of little shii teck on the pizza.

another just beside the Tabasco

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Enjoy the photos

Alaskan Pollock fish finger and my fingers XD

feel so good right now


And of course,

huh?? only RM 32.20 for 2 person?? soooOOO cheap!!! Divided by 2 only RM16.10 each person. Good news to Maybankard and American Express card members can get 30 % discount if dine in and take away Fish King Pizza. go to this link to get more information.
So ladies and gentleman, go and try it right now!! for those who planning their diet plan, stop it and try the Fish King Pizza!!You will in love that!!

Of course, thanks to nuffnang and pizza hut

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