Sunday, October 2, 2011

118/365 Arthur's Day 2011

The biggest Arthur's day party just happened in Selangor Turf club last Friday night and most of my friends went to the party! Some of them travelled all the way from Penang, applied MC just to see Taio Cruz in Arthur's day, well I salute for their spirit. I won few pairs of passes  from Guinness Malaysia, Churp-Churp and Melanie Hwa( the blogger) and shared it to my coursemates as celebrating we graduated unofficially. We cheers to our freedom and to Arthurs!

Most of the time I walked around to pass the tickets to my friends and the network coverage that night was terrible and my friends dint come at the same time. *tired and dint enjoy the concert at the beginning


It divided into few zones and the drinking zone only allow 21 years old above to enter, One of my friends still underage and only can standing at the rock zone. At first I've planned to meet up with some of the bloggers and friends but the place was too crowded and I cant even see. Anyway, we should meet other suitable place, at least not in a party like this.
#3 can you see the crowd?
 Chilling time, I knew that my friends really had fun there. *look at their faces*
#4 Chang Tze, Me, Minna, Gary, and Alex

#5 Ching Yih and me


By the way, brought Pennie as my partner of the night and thanks for the ride again. *Appreciate
#7 Pennie and me

 With bloggers
#8 Wilee, Ryan Mo, Ben Dan

#9 Baboon, Pennie, Wilee, Ryan Mo, Ben Dan, Qian Qian
 I guess the crowd just waiting for Taio Cruz to perform and everyone get high when singing "higher". We decided to leave earlier to escape from the jam, still we stuck in carpark for 30 minutes because only 1 way enter and exit, kinda failed. The organizer should plan for better car flows system next time.

After that, yum cha session in South City, Serdang until 4am and talked nonsense. What a night!
#10 Taio Cruz on the big screen.

Do Remember: Don't drink and drive~


jfook said...

whoa you saw so many bloggers. I think I only saw Wilee nia. Not even pennie and Baboon

Wilee Tee said...

I jam for an hour to exit =.=

Xue Ren said...

i'm still underage to go these events =X

Anne Lee said...

i'm so lucky that I didnt get stuck in the jam. Arthur's Day was a kick ass one, love it. To Arthur.

cutebun said...

Cool! I wanna go oso cannot T_T So pretty Pennie I mean =P

shii teck said...

@Jfook, I dint c u as well. mana u pergi?

@Wilee, lol.. u watched the concert till the end?

@Xue Ren, seems like u wanted to go the events, ain't it? XD

@Anna, luckily the weather was good enough. U had fun too rite?

@Cutebun, lol..then come kl la, ops.. hope she will see your comment then. ;p

Nana Eddy said...

I saw some VERY familiar faces there~ hehe

Punk Chopsticks said...

Pictures look AWESOME! I can't believe how much coverage this event is getting! Almost every blog i know has at least one post about arthurs day! I wanted to go at first but you know...seems kind of redundant when you dont drink

Liki said...

Yer I want to go lor T.T

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