Monday, October 24, 2011

120/365 Birthday celebration

Now I'm officially 23 even I don't look like 23. 
Finally I got my degree in age 23, no longer student.
Meanwhile, I jobless and looking for a job. 
A job title as "engineer" even the pay is not high compare with others,
That's my dream career and will never give up no matter what happened.

#1 Birthday cakes

Thanks to event crew for the a simple yet meaningful birthday celebration for me. 
Feed me a lot of nice food pre/during /after the event. Appreciate it. Thanks Roland Ronald Lim, Dylan, Khai Sheng and Jing Wen. 
And terima kasih to Pennie for birthday cakes, appreciate. 

Lastly, thanks to my mum delivered me to this world 23 years ago, hehe... 
Dont worry, your son will make you and dad feel proud someday!


P/s: photo credited to Pennie. 


cutebun said...

Happy Birthday!

Camy said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy!

shii teck said...

haha thanks. my birthday was a week ago actually.

Filip Demuinck said...

Congratulations and the cakes look nice.


Anne Lee said...

happy birthday shiteck!! hope you have a blast one. and congratz for your completion of your degree.

Pennie YenSun said...

Welcome! XD

shii teck said...

@Filip, @Anne thanks alot. =)

Isaac Tan said...

happy birthday bro

shii teck said...

@Isaac, terima kasih byk byk. ;p

Hilda Milda™ said...

Happy belated birthday :D

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