Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Count down with Magnum 2012, Sunway Lagoon

Sorry for this delayed post. Thanks to Magnum for giving the passes and count down with Ella (SHE), Rania  from Korea, Da Monsterz and more local celebrities in Sunway Lagoon, 31st Dec 2011. 
Actually I took a lot photos but most of the photos corrupted while transfering into my hardisk. Argh..

#1 The celebrities ready for count down

#2 Nice fireworks performance in Sunway Pyramid. 

#3 Amelia, Jun Fook, Joshua, Shannon and me. Thanks to Amelia for the passes worth RM150. 
 And the party started right after the count down. The DJ from Oversea and played nice songs but most of them left at that time, I guess no party animal that night. sigh

After that had a 2012 first meal with Amelia and Jun Fook in Mcd at 3am early morning. That really fun and I guess no more fun for me.

Anyway, I going to leave KL very soon, start my new life after Chinese New Year. KL peeps, please dont forget me. =)

*All photos taken by Canon 300 HS


mEi said...

wow..working at sg or brunei? take care ya...

FiSh said...

i like the fireworks :) was there to watch the firework, but not the concert. haha

Meitzeu said...

Fireworks! Is been a while since my last view on it. ;P

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Anne Lee said...

must keep in touch yea..

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