Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Collection NYX Launch Party 2012

 Hennessy Malaysia just launched the new NYX collection on 5th January in Midvalley and glad that I have an invites from Hennessy Malaysia to join the party in Vertigo, The Gardens.

Registration counter at East Astrium, Midvalley and I met a lot bloggers there before I leaving to SG.


#3 The new NYX collection bottle, It can grows in the dark and under ultraviolet light. COool right? 

#4 Rebecca Saw, Sharon and Jessying


#6 Sher Lynn n me

#7 Me, Joshua Law and Ken 

#8 Simon Seow n me
After official launched of the NYX collection, Time to party with rock music!
#9 Emcee of the night. 

#11 Met another blogger, Anne Lee and her bf

#12 Li Chuen

#13 Drunken face

#14 DJ did a great job! Nice songs played by him
#15 Chutipond, Sher Lynn and Genee Ng

Thanks for the invites and Hennessy V.S.O.P is my favourite liquor!! 
Like their page for more updates and upcoming events!


Sherrie Pui said...

Oh....go SG.. Enjoy!

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Anne Lee said...

go to sg & bcome a millionair back.

FiSh said...

work at SG? so nice! :D all the best, and dont forget me

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